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 Buying a WinSpice License

 WinSpice is shareware and is currently not restricted in any way for up to 30 days i.e. there are no node limits etc.

To get my undivided attention if you need help using WinSpice, you should purchase a license and receive the following:-

    * 1. a registration key - this may unlock some features in the future
    * 2. notification of any updates and fixes
    * 3. a library of 1100 BJT, 800 diode, 600 linear, 400 JFET and 600 MOSET  models
    * 4. removes all nag messages and limitations

Once you have your license key, it will work with future updates up to a future major update and ensure  that any new features will be available.

A new license costs £45 (conversion to other currencies is made automatically on the order page) and there are volume discounts available if you pay via ShareIt!.

Licensed users of v1.05.07 and earlier, including licensed users of 5Spice (, can purchase an upgrade license key for v1.06.00 onwards for £20 per license. I may need to contact you if I canít find any record of your license.

Note: the old style key used with v1.05.07 and earlier will not work with v1.06.00 onwards.

Users who purchased WinSpice v1.05.07 licenses after 28th November 2006 will be sent a new key automatically for v1.06.00.

ShareIt! Click on this logo to purchase a full or upgrade licence key via ShareIt!.
Click on this button to purchase a full licence via Paypal.
Click on this button to buy an upgrade licence.  
This is only available if you previously purchase a full license for v1.05.07.

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